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HQ Quad Handles

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HQ Quad Handles:

These HQ 4 line handles are made from heavy duty strong aluminium. The vinyl makes the handles easy to hold it also prevents the handles from getting slippery when wet and will not pick up sand.

Weight 1.00 kg

1 review for HQ Quad Handles

  1. chris slattery (verified owner)

    These handles really are great! I was forced to purchase a new pair of handles for my quad line when i left my others on a beach. These however are much better than the ones that origionally came with my kite, they where just bent poles with a bit of grip on them. These are alot easier to hold and although they may not be as soft as others they stay dry well and they feel extremly good quality, epecially when you concider the price! Excellent!

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hq kite handles

HQ Quad Handles

Use up to 1499 points to purchase this product!