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MBS Pro 97 Dylan Warren III Mountainboard

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They say three is the magic number and the new MBS Pro Warren III mountainboard is no exception. With unprecedented configurability your wish is it's command. With its multiple truck mounting options you can set it up long and low for maximum speed and stability (116cm length) or short and high for the nimblest freestyle board MBS has ever produced (110cm length), or somewhere in between for that all-around vibe (112/114cm). In the turning department the new Matrix III's multiple shock block position options (inside/outside) doubles the range of turning resistance of any other truck in the market. With shock blocks in the inside position the lightest of riders can turn on a dime, even without bindings. At the other end of the spectrum riders with a need for speed will find unprecedented stability with their shock blocks in the outside position (straight, no chaser). And the best part is, the range of options in between is limitless. One board finally does it all!

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