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MBS Comp 95 Deck - Silver Hex

The new Comp 95 Silver Hex deck combines the same great mold geometry and durable powerlam construction that was perfected in the final years of the iconic Comp 95 Birds deck, with a new perimeter shape that is as practical as it is eye catching. With a tapered tip and tail the new Comp 95 shape shaves a little weight and provides extra clearance for motors and mounts for riders heading in an electric direction.


– Asymmetric concave (low point under ball of your foot) fits your foot like a glove.

– Strong Power Lam construction (maple/epoxy/fiberglass) for a lightweight but durable deck.

– New tip shape shaves weight and offers more clearance for electric drivetrains.

Deck Construction: Power Lam*
Deck Tip Angle: 30
Deck Length (Tip to Tip): 37.4 (in) / 95 (cm)
Deck Width (Max): 9.9 (in) / 25.1 (cm)
Deck Weight: 5 (lb) / 2.3 (kg)

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