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Hill Billy Gloves

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Hillbilly Gloves:

These new gloves are made from goat skin and super durable. Ideal for mountain boarding, skate boarding and mountain biking.

Hillbilly Gloves – Available Sizes:

  • Small: 28 – 32
  • Medium: 31 – 35
  • Large: 34 – 37
Weight 1.00 kg

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5 reviews for Hill Billy Gloves

  1. Joe Oglesby (verified owner)

    I\’ve had these gloves for a season and they\’re still in good condition, despite a hole in my middle finger from sliding my hand across the ground on burms. I was looking for some good wristguards, because I broke both bones in my wrist about a year ago from not wearing wristguards. So I got these and i\’ve not been disappointed one bit. They\’re really comfy but do get quite sweaty when you\’re out on a long hot ride, so you might want to wash them from time to time. Also, made from a tough material (goat skin) theyre at a really good value for money! if you\’re after some good wristies to protect your bones, then these are the pot of gold at the end of that rainbow! 😉

  2. Rory Lovatt (verified owner)

    These are (in my opinion) the single best protection for your writs/hands ever made!!! Ive had mine since August and its now the next october so ive had them for over a year and they are still giving me amazing protection everytime I ride! They will be the only wrist guards I ever ride with so when they break i will get the same ones so i suggest get them for sure!!

  3. sean newman (verified owner)

    These gloves are so perfect, with them my hands can stay alive without them I could of hurt my hands and damaged my wrists badly. The finger parts allow you to keep the skin on them if you land on them. The gloves material is so strong and with that they last much longer.

  4. Ben Hall (verified owner)

    These wristguards are the best. I bought some looking for more protection than single splint wristguards after hearing horrible stories of people breaking their wrists with them. They look fly and really stand the test of time. Ive had mine for about half a year and they\’re practically in the same condition i bought them in. Many of the pro\’s ride in these and they are seriously the best wrist protection out there.

  5. Chris Harpham (verified owner)

    These gloves are aobsultely amazing, I have never riden better gloves than these. Today I gave them a good battering and as you can see my hands are still good to type =). Comfy and protective and my boarding friends envied them =D

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Hill Billy Gloves