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Peter Lynn Viper S Power Kites


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Peter Lynn Viper S Kite:

Anyone can ride a buggy.

Peter Lynn Viper S is the perfect kite for the buggy rider wanting to get more speed without sacrificing stability or ease of use. The smooth and easy flying behavior together with a good upwind performance make the rider feel in control at all times when speeding up. The Viper S is a stable kite that does not tend to luff over your head which makes it a great kite for a wide range of people from less experienced to intermediate riders. The Viper S has a good top speed and low side pull making your rides more comfortable and fun!

Peter Lynn Viper S Features

  • Medium-high aspect ratio
  • Specially developed profile
  • Webbing reinforced cross-vents
  • High quality fabrics
  • Double stitched bridle points
  • Reinforced air intakes
  • Efficient Dyneema® Bridle.
  • Dirt channel & Velcro dirt-outs
  • Velcro bridle loop
  • Dyneema® Flying lines

Peter Lynn Viper S Charactaristics:

  • Superb Controls
  • Low lift & smooth power build-up
  • Good upwind performance
  • Good top speed

Superb Controls

The Viper S is extremely easy to fly, the kite steers smooth and responds extremely well to even the slightest brake line input.

Low lift & smooth power build-up

As the Viper S is designed as an intermediate buggy engine it has very little lift capability, making it especially reliable to train your turns with the buggy. In addition the power of the kite builds up very smoothly so you’ll be cruising along comfortably.

Good upwind performance

One aspect very important with buggy kites is upwind performance, with the Viper S you will have a kite that will get you back to your starting position without having to do the walk of shame. The Viper S has very little side pull when riding your buggy ensuring more comfort when trying to move upwind.

Good top speed

Although the Viper S is an excellent choice for the entry level rider, it can get you up to speed quite quick and will help you to break your personal speed record with ease.

Peter Lynn Viper S Package:

Peter Lynn Viper S is delivered as a complete package, containing:

  • Viper S kite
  • Viper S bag
  • 4-line handles
  • Kitekillers
  • Dyneema® flying line set with numbered and stitched sleeves
  • Groundstake with groundstake pocket
  • Peter Lynn 4-line bridled foil kite manual
  • Peter Lynn sticker
  • Keychain

Peter Lynn Viper S Kite Colours:

Each size kite has a specific colour combination:

  • Viper s 2.6 • Green – Dark grey – White
  • Viper S 3.9 • Royal blue – Grey – White
  • Viper S 5.3 • Dark grey – Green – Lime
  • Viper S 6.8 • Wine red – Dark grey – Orange

Peter Lynn Viper S Kite Sizes:

The Viper S is available in the sizes: 2.6m2, 3.9m2, 5.3m2 and 6.8m2

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Peter Lynn Viper S Power Kites