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Peter Lynn Core Power Kites


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Peter Lynn Core Kite:

Experience the essence of traction kiting!

If you are an all-round kiter, and simply want the best of the best in terms of performance and finishing, you need to get yourself a Peter Lynn Core!

Peter Lynn Core is an all-round kite designed for serious power kiting action, cool buggy rides or some great rides on your land board or on snow. The Core is designed for riders that enjoy all forms of kite traction or riders who deliberately don’t want to specialize in any particular form.

The quick manoeuvrability and smooth flying speed make the Core fun and challenging to fly. This kite has been designed for optimal performance and with the best quality materials and construction techniques available. It truly gives the kite flyer a new experience to the world of traction kiting. The Core is all you need for endless hours of fun in a buggy, on a board or just power kiting on land. Core… Experience the essence of traction kiting!

Peter Lynn Core Features

  • Medium Variable Aspect ratio
  • Precision designed and laser cut panels
  • Double cross-vented profiles
  • Diagonal ribs with special designed bridle pattern
  • Porcher reinforcements inside the kite
  • Double needle stitched seams
  • Velcro dirt-outs
  • Dual Velcro bridle loops
  • Spliced then stitched Dyneema® bridles
  • Profiles made from 70D fabric
  • Mirai fabric for top and bottom skin

Peter Lynn Core Charactaristics:

Quick manoeuvrability

The quick and easy flying behaviour of the Core makes this kite challenging for even the best kite fliers out there. For different kite traction sports you will notice a great advantage in terms of turning ability the Core has to offer. For power kiting enthusiasts, the quick turning and large wind window ensure endless hours of fun. You will notice that the Core can easily be moved around in the wind window and positioned exactly where you want it.

Even steering the Core up and down it will still move at high speeds, without much loss in upwind angle.


Whether flown in light or in strong winds, gusty inland conditions or smooth winds from seas, there are hardly any conditions in which the Core will not perform. The kite is luff resistant, especially for its performance level.

Smooth flying speed and power.

The Core is a kite that flies smooth throughout the whole wind window while maintaining good speed, making the kite fun to fly. The advanced design of the Core ensures a perfect wing shape throughout the whole wind window. Due to the highly advanced panel shapes and profile used, the designers have created a kite that is fun and challenging to fly, but not too aggressive. The Core has enough grunt to get you going on a land board and is agile enough to work the kite in a buggy. But even if you are not planning to use the Core as a land board or buggy engine the kite will be challenging enough to keep you going at it for hours and hours.


The Peter Lynn Core is delivered kite only or complete. The Package contains:

  • Core kite
  • Core backpack
  • 4-line bridled foil kite full-colour instruction manual
  • Peter Lynn sticker & key ring
  • Peter Lynn 4-line handles (complete version only)
  • Peter Lynn High quality Dyneema® Kite lines (complete version only)
  • Peter Lynn groundstake (complete version only )

Peter Lynn Core Kite Colours:

Each size Core is available in the following color combinations:

  • Dark grey – Lime – Green
  • Wine red – Orange – Dark grey
  • Grey – White – Royal blue

Peter Lynn Core Kite Sizes:

1.8m – 2.3m – 3.0m – 4.0m – 5.1m – 6.7m

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Peter Lynn Core Power Kites