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Flexifoil Quark Trainer Kite


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Flexifoil Quark Trainer Kite:

Fun and affordable, the Quark is Flexifoil’s new 3-line kitesurf trainer, designed specifically to help new flyers learn to fly with skill and confidence. Supplied complete and ready to fly, with a 55cm control bar – the Flexifoil Quark is ideal for use in kitesurf schools or for anyone who’s looking for a tough, high performance kitesurf trainer. The Quark also offers experienced fliers a kite to introduce to their friends, or just to fly for fun themselves when the wind is not enough to be on the water!


Flexifoil designed the Quark to be easy to fly and incredibly stable. The kite reacts quickly to flyer input making it responsive, predictable and most importantly of all – fun to fly. Power is delivered smoothly and progressively by the high performance 2.4m canopy. The power provided is enough to prepare a new flyer before they start flying water kites. Designed to fly in almost every wind condition. The kites huge wind range means that even if the wind is low you can still gain valuable flying experience and fine-tune your kite skills.

Confidence Inspiring

The safety on the Quark is exceptional. It allows you to fly the kite in full confidence that all the power can be killed in an instant using the third line wrist leash system with push away primary release and chicken loop. As the safety system shares the same primary release set up as our water range of kites, you can be confident when you head out on to the water as the system will already be second nature to you.

No Compromise

As always from Flexifoil, no compromises have been made – the Quark is made from the best materials and comes complete with Flexifoil’s one month peace of mind guarantee. This means if you’re unfortunate enough to damage your Quark within the first month of owning it, we’ll repair or replace it for you completely free of charge!


Flexifoil have been designing, producing and flying kites for over 35 years, and so in turn we know what needs to be put into a kite to make it successful. Flexifoil build quality is legendary, and we are proud of the fact that our kites will fly as well in their hundredth flight as they did in their first.

Technical Informtaion

Flexifoil use materials such as the gauze mesh on the leading edge of our kites, which makes the kite extra stable and smooth whilst in the air. Flexifoil also include small features such as croc clips and colour coded bridles and flying lines which all work together to make it easier for you to fly our products. The croc-clips make packing your kite up incredibly simple, and easy once unpacking it for your next session.

The colour coded lines and bridles make it easier to connect together whilst setting up your kite for the first time.

"The Quark is a great choice for people wanting to progress to a water kite. Kite control is a big part of learning to kiteboard and with this kite and control system not only do you get the kite skills you need, you can also familiarise yourself with the safety system before getting in the water."

Aaron Hadlow – 5 x World Champion, Kitesurfer

Flexifoil Quark Trainer Kite Features:

  • Comes complete and ready to fly.
  • Available in on size only (2.4m)
  • Croc-clips secure the bridles for ease of packing.
  • Colour coded flying lines for easy setup and use.
  • Dyneema Pre-stretched flying lines to withstand the force of flying in higher winds along with a robust 55cm aluminum bar.
  • Flexifoil ‘chicken loop’ to hook into for practice before entering the water.
  • 3-line wrist leash with push away safety system.
  • Bullet proof materials – built to last to withstand the crashes!
  • Leading gauze mesh covering the leading edge to maintain a stable flight.
  • Flexifoil design – over 35 years of kite building excellence.

Flexifoil Quark Trainer Kite Package:

The package comes with everything you need to get flying, including a high quality 2.4 meter square; Flexifoil high quality pre-stretched 100kg, 18m Dyneema Lines and a fully functioning aluminum 55cm bar. This is all packed into a durable bespoke bag. The package is completed with a full colour, detailed instruction booklet to walk you through setting up the kite and flying for the first time and our normal registration pack. 

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flexifoil quark kite

Flexifoil Quark Trainer Kite

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