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Peter Lynn Kite Lines


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Peter Lynn Kite Lines

4-line sets

Pre-stretched, Dyneema® kitelines 

Peter Lynn kite lines are made of Dyneema® fiber, these extremely long molecular chains are up to 15 times stronger than quality steel and up to 40% stronger than aramid fibers, both on weight for weight basis. Dyneema® is very lightweight and floats on water. Vector kitelines are PU coated and therefore resistant to moisture, UV light and chemicals. All in all it is the strongest fiber in the world and extremely durable.

Vector Kitelines, extremely strong, durable, abrasion resistant and PU coated to deal with the often harsh conditions kitelines get to endure.


VECTOR Dyneema kitelines are incredibly strong for their low diameter and therefore perfectly suitable for all types of steerable kites, from sportkite to kitesurf kite, VECTOR kitelines offer maximum strength in the thinnest line out there.

Colour coded PU coating

After the braiding process the lines are coloured and coated with PolyUrethane. Besides providing the line with maximum protection, this also allows kitefliers to see at a glance which lines are top and bottom, right and left; this is particularly useful with four line kites.


VECTOR lines are not only extremely strong, they are also very well protected against weather- and use related influences. The special PU coating protects the line against UV light, temperature changes, sand, salt and water. Besides the lines have excellent resistance to abrasion, folding, bending and peak loading.

Optimal control

VECTOR lines can be used straight out of the package. The lines are pre-stretched, of equal length and sleeved for your convenience. Vector colour dual line sets are finished with knotted sleeves which make it easy to make length adjustments if necesary. The Quad Pro line sets are finished with stitched loops that guarantee a strong connection, these smooth connections also prevent line tangles and are drag efficient.

Pre stretched

VECTOR lines are pre-stretched. The minimal amount of stretch in VECTOR lines allows users to really feel the direct connection with the kite, while having extremely precise control over the kite and improved steering. Thanks to VECTOR lines’ strenght, kite lines can be thinner, minimizing drag (wind resistance) and allowing kite flyers to fly in lighter winds. With VECTOR lines you can enjoy all the thrills of this extreme sport, confidently that you have made the best choice in lines.


VECTOR lines extraordinary strength means there is less risk of a line breaking; and because it is so smooth, when lines twist you don’t feel the difference. With sport kites your lines are entangled most of the tiem and must be capable of sliding over each other constantly and consistently. Smooth lines are even more important for team flying and four line kites.

Line Sets:

  • 4x15m 200/100kg
  • 4×17.5m 200/100kg
  • 4x20m 300/150kg
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peter lynn kite lines quad line set

Peter Lynn Kite Lines