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Flexifoil Stacker End Spar Complete


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Flexifoil Stacker End Spar Complete:

A complete replacement end spar suitable for any Stacker series kite. Comes ready to fly, with rubber grommet and end spar attached but does not include brass ferrules.

Hi we had produce our own spar.

It has come from our windsurfing back ground and is modified windsurfing batten.

Its bright yellow plastic coated batten which has same bend profile as the orginal spar.

It is a taper batten with flat profile which will bend in only one plane,this creates a more ridged  profile.

We are sorry we have to increase the price because it is alot better quality and should never break also the post which you get free has gone up.

These will work with the orginal spar.

The only mod you need to do is compress the bar brass connector on the end you are fitting it in,its alot better fit than before and should not need tapping in.

Well happy flying.Geoff

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flexifoil stacker end spar complete

Flexifoil Stacker End Spar Complete