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Flexifoil Prolink Handles


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Flexifoil Prolink Handles:

The Flexifoil ProLink 4-Line Handles are designed for the rapidly progressing land kite scene. With riders pushing their discipline harder and harder every year, your control gear needs to keep pace.

The ProLink Handles will advance the market and provide fliers of any 4-line fixed-power kite with the ultimate partner to their favourite foil. Based on fundamental principles of usability, durability and ergonomics, the ProLink Handles will make you appreciate the advantage that well-designed control gear can give you.

The development process for the ProLink Handles has taken a truly hands-on approach testing the usability and ergonomics of the handles on all levels of flier; from learners in kite schools to seasoned pros on the cutting edge.

After simulating the handle’s high-stress areas on our computer modelling software, we tested their durability to the limit by giving them to our extreme Blade kite fliers. We knew that if the handles could pass this stress test then they would survive anything a standard kite flier could ask of them!  They passed with flying colours.

The ProLink 4-Line Handles feature an innovative pin system which provides a super-strong link to the leader lines, makes attaching a strop to the handles a very easy task and keeps your handle setup neat.

Flexifoil's ergonomic design techniques will give you a flying experience that has never felt as direct or comfortable before.

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Flexifoil Prolink Handles