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Primo 3 Spoke Composite Rim

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Primo 3 Spoke Composite Rim:

The Primo 3 Spoke composite rim is developed to cope with the rigours of ATB composite rim is made from a mix of nylon fibres and a hard wearing plastic. The rim can take 8", 9" or 10" tyres without problem and is available to fit either channel or skate truck configurations. Slightly wider footprint and hence better control, especially over soft surfaces.


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3 reviews for Primo 3 Spoke Composite Rim

  1. Rory Lovatt (verified owner)

    OK these are some good hubs. They dont break, they can hold 8 9 and 10\” tyres and they can have tyres pumped up to high pressures on them. BUT they are really really heavy! So if your riding freestyle and spinning and flipping then you wont want these, unless you balance them out with some uber light trucks, I ride mine with matrix lights and they are fine but I hope to be going for bigger spins that 360 next season so I am getting lighter hubs. Anyone looking for downhill/freeride hubs should look into getting these though.

  2. Chris Harpham (verified owner)

    I bought these hubs when creating my new setup a few months ago. I bought these hubs because I had heard that they were strong and durable but cheap, exactly what I was after, so I ordered them…
    When my board was finally completed and I took it out for a test ride or five, I noted every aspect I could of all my new components compared to other brands and models I had previously used. I came to the conclusion that these hubs could take a beating (as I have been told from others who have used them) and I\’ve yet to see them warp even in the slightest, unlike the lightweight scrub 5 spokes on my old board and even Crossairs and Rockstars (the plastic ones)can\’t take as much punishment. Unforunately though, these hubs are very heavy, one of the heaviest on the market I believe, so it\’s really a no-go for freestyle, but great if you\’re a freerider (like me) who doesn\’t have to be quite so weight concious, so it really does depends on what you wish to use them for.
    Good points; Strong, durable, cheap, great for freeridernBad points; Heavy

    Value for money; a full set of these doesn\’t cost you a fortune like some other hubs do, and for the price, they are definatly worth buying, expecially as there is really no need for getting spares! only brought down due to being so heavy. 8/10 Durability/strength; as mentioned, excellent. 10/10 looks; chunky, definately not bling. 7/10 Overall; 8/10 (but a big 0 for freestyle or kiting, way to heavy for spins and large air)

  3. Ben Hall (verified owner)

    These hub are STRONG! If you\’re a seasoned freerider and you\’re looking for a hub that won\’t fall apart when launched down a mountain these are the ones for you. Also they\’re very good value. The only downside to having such strong hubs is that they\’re gonna be heavy and these are. Definitely not aimed at a serious freestyler. But if you\’re a freerider, boardercross guy or just like cruising down slopes these hubs will serve you well

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primo trispoke wheel

Primo 3 Spoke Composite Rim


Out of stock