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MBS 8″ T1 Tyre

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MBS 8″ T1 Tyre:

Thanks to it’s well defined center bead and arced tread profile, MBS T1 Tyre, is still the fastest 8″ tread on the market, but it’s the fact the the T1 is still the lightest tire on the market that makes it the top choice for freestyle mountainboarders around the world.

Lightweight. Superior traction. Center-line contact to maintain speed. Fits Rockstar and TriSpoke hubs.

*price per tyre

Weight 1.00 kg

1 review for MBS 8″ T1 Tyre

  1. Joe Oglesby (verified owner)

    this is a great type of tyre. i\’ve had mine for over a year and theyre only just starting to wear down! they weigh practically nothing which is excellent for freestyle etc, but being only 1 ply thick, they are easier to puncture than tyres such as primo alphas. for ?45 they are probably worth the money, or you could look for the new MBS T3 tyres which weigh more, last longer, less liable to punctures and cost the same (but are slightly heavier)

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MBS T1 Tire Black

MBS 8″ T1 Tyre